Creator Spot Application

Creator Spot Application


Business Name: 





List 3 Saturday dates in 2022 that would work for you (we will pick one that works with the schedule we have started // if none are available we will reach back out to you): 


Tell me about your business (what do you create/sell, when did you begin, anything fun we should know about you!): 




About our Creator Spot: 

You will be the sole creator featured at our storefront on your designated Saturday.

We will:

-Advertise your business on our social media pages.

-Add you to our Curated Creators List on our website with all your info for customers to buy directly from you after the pop-up ends.

-You will also be one of our recommended vendors that we send to other businesses for potential future events!

We would love it if you would also advertise your creator spot on your own pages as well! 


There will be a designated spot at the store with a counter for you to set up and sell your product. If you are able, bring supplies to create pieces right in front of our customers that day. If you cannot-that is ok too! There will be a power outlet available for electricity, and we ask that you have your own payment processing ready to go for payments. We will have WIFI for you. 

 *Alternate pop-up option:

You can come Friday or Saturday morning and set up your pieces for the weekend (Saturday-Sunday) and leave them. We will take care of payment processing, selling, etc for you! Fee for this option is 30% of sales.

Set-up is from 11:00-11:30am and your selling will begin at 12:00pm and end at 4:00pm that day.  

Fee is 20% of sales you make that day or $150 (whichever is less). If you have $0 in sales, we do not expect you to pay us anything.  

Please submit the fee via cash, Venmo (@Jennifer-Nylin), or Paypal ( within 48 hours of your creator spot ending.  


I agree to these terms and can’t wait to hang at Blank Inside for a day! 




*Please email completed application to Jen at*